Large Animal Feature


Large and Mixed Animal practices have certain requirements that are unique to their environment. Because most clients are on account and pay once a month as they receive their statements, certain features are unique to this type of business. Some such features are listed below:

Mobile Billing App

Almost every Vet in the field has a smart phone. The VetlinkPRO Mobile App allows Large Animal Vets to Sync information onto their phones or Tablets and then work out in the field in the absence of an internet / data connection! Data can be synced on demand. More information on this App can be found here.

Restricted Veterinary Medicine(RVM) & Prescription Management

Restricted Veterinary Medicine sale to Farmers requires a robust Prescription Management system with full audit trails. VetlinkPRO has a comprehensive prescription management system whereby qualified Vets are able to create prescriptions after farm consultations for quantities and duration with a “script” that can be signed off. Sale of such drugs (except when dispensed on-site on individual animals) can then only be made if the quantity remaining and the expiry / duration is in the valid range. In certain circumstances, any quantity beyond the prescribed amount can have phone approval by the Vet, which will automatically generate an additional script for a signature later. Addition to the prescription will automatically get balanced by the sale and so on. This is a full and comprehensive Production Animal Prescription system to deal with any audit that may eventuate.

Invoice / Statement Format

Monthly Statements are in fact Invoice / Statements with each invoice detail listed with subtotals and then a grand total with a Remittance Advice on the last page. Invoices on Statements are either listed chronologically or, for some clients (eg. Equine), they can be collated per Animal with a subtotal per Animal.

Invoice / Statement Sorting

Clients can be members of a "Batch Code". Examples of Batch Code could be "Dairy", "Small", "Deer", Equine" and so on. The Batch Codes can then be used for certain purposes as listed below:
  • Grouping all Invoice / Statements of the same Batch Code together at Print time - VetlinkPRO will automatically collate these at print time as they come out if the printer
  • Print Message - VetlinkPRO can automatically insert different messages for different Batch Code Clients
  • Group within a Batch - Invoice / Statements can be automatically grouped into 30/60/90+ balance owing piles so some can be posted and others held back to call or send to collectors, etc

Batched Billing

Batched billing is a special function usually used for Large Animal work where the billing system becomes a fast data entry system from worksheets. A tight cycle of date, client, patient, and items selection allows fast input of data. In this mode of data entry, bills can be back-dated into a previous period and all irrelevant popup questions such as requests for drug labels and so on are bypassed to achieve maximum efficiency. Saved bills can then be printed in a summary format for each Vet to check before they are "posted" into the debtors system.

Bulk Billing

Bulk billing is also a high speed billing system usually used by Equine and other Large Animal Vets. This feature allows the user to create one single bill and then pick numerous clients / animals and then to apply the same bill to all participants. Editing of individual ones is supported. A typical use scenario would be an equine Vet performing the same procedure at a stud for numerous horses. This feature would replace the time consuming task of making an invoice for each horse one by one. Reversing Transactions A special refunding feature is very popular where clients have accounts and receive end of month statements. This function allows a completed invoice to be refunded in its entirety and NEITHER bill will appear on the client's end of month Statement.

Refund Options

There are several advanced refund options where a refund can be applied to reduce a particular month's debt to reflect accurate aged debtors balances thereby having an accurate calculation of interest charges.

Bulk Account Payments

This is another time saving feature for clients on account. Clients who pay their bills regularly can be grouped into a "Batch" category. Each month, as Bank Statements become available and payments from clients are visible, all due accounts can be loaded onto a spreadsheet like grid on-screen and processed in one single transaction after filling the amounts received. The system will then automatically create individual Account Payment transactions for all clients, saving hours of data entry.

Discounting Systems

Read more on Various discounting system that can be applied to clients.
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