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Telemedicine brings new opportunities & efficiencies

10 Jun, 2020 | telemedicine | Blog | 0 Comments | Return|

While Covid-19 has accelerated its introduction, new experiences by clients and veterinarians have been very revealing for both parties. There are many areas where it can be used very successfully while proving to be more productive than a “phone conversation”. Appointment scheduling will also assist in planning follow-ups to increase efficiency and productivity within your practice, with the added advantage of being able to do a lot off-premise.


  • Replacing Phone Calls: A video call can be very useful for many consultation types such as follow-ups, nurse consults for chronic conditions, initial treatment advice, check sutures, initial look at lesions, blood test discussions and even end of life conversations where an empathetic face to face conversation would add great value to the owner.
  • Last Minute and After-Hours: A quick video consultation to gauge a client’s anxiety / concerns as you are closing up, or after-hours, can be an excellent service in times of need.
  • Farm / Equine: A quick video consultation off the owners phone in the field can help prioritise calls and save travel time with triage.
  • New Revenue: Free phone advice by nurses may be able to be replaced with mini-consults for a small fee.
  • Provider: It is best to select a Telemedicine platform fully integrated to your Practice Management System’s appointment calendar, and its online booking tool, with a comprehensive scheduling, blocking, and availability by qualification, as well being able to save the video into patient clinical notes. Unlimited meetings for a small fixed fee will increase your bottom line as you scale over time; best not to choose a platform with a “per meeting” cost.
  • Legal Requirements: Before embarking on any services via Telemedicine it is recommended that you are aware of the legal guidelines; contact your Veterinary Association for guidance.

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