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Is Your Practice Using eBiz yet?

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What is eBiz?

eBiz is VetlinkPRO’s online integration with suppliers for uploading orders and downloading invoices online.  eBiz ordering checks the stock availability and items description before sending whilst eBiz invoicing, imports into VetlinkPRO all invoiced items with quantities and prices from your wholesaler.

Advantages of Online Ordering

Before sending the order, the Check function connects to the supplier’s database and checks the expected price of the items, the availability, the pack size and informs you of any discrepancies between your stock description and your supplier’s stock description.

Online ordering reduces errors as the order does not need to be keyed in again by the wholesaler and also saves staff time.  There is no need to print and scan or phone through the order. Just click the send button once the order is completed and when the order is sent back by your supplier, the invoice will automatically appear under the downloaded invoices section. All the quantities and prices will already be entered to save you time when importing the invoice back into VetlinkPRO.

Purchase Orders can be manually entered, automatically ordered - using the advanced automatic ordering function or placed by using StockLink – our award-winning mobile app.

The following flow chart describes the process of ordering stock through VetlinkPRO.

VetLinkSQL eBiz Ordering

Using our StockLink mobile app makes your ordering process easier than ever! With the app, simply search for items, or easier still, scan barcodes using the in-built camera in your phone or iPad or use a Bluetooth scanner and enter the quantity required. The screen will assist and show the product Class icon, current Stock on Hand, the appropriate month’s (seasonal) min/max estimate together with pricing and pack size and/or units. Enter quantities required and once finalised, syncing back will produce multiple Purchase Orders in VetlinkPRO for all your Suppliers in one go. Any products without a designated supplier will go to a single Casual Purchase Order, where you can right-click items and transfer to an existing or new order.  Please keep an eye out for a future blog on our award winning StockLink mobile app or click here for further information.


Advantages of Online Receipting

VetlinkPRO will automatically check the supplier for new invoices to import every hour and import them into the VetlinkPRO database.  These automatically imported invoices can be found under Creditors/F5:Invoices/Unfinished/Imported Invoices and will display “Downloaded” in the status column.

Once an invoice has been Imported/Downloaded they function in a much the same way as normal invoices

  • Item prices are automatically coloured if the buy price has changed.
    • Prices coloured blue are where the price has increased.
    • Prices coloured in Red are where the price has decreased.
  • Price change logic under the more tab of each Product record will determine if list price and sell price should be updated.
  • By default if the buy price exceeds the old list price then the list price is updated. If the list price updates then sell prices will update as well by the mark-up. Price updates can be disabled by unticking the relevant tick box on the inwards goods invoice.
  • Items with errors (no matching supplier code in VetlinkPRO) will be highlighted by an exclamation mark icon next to the product name. These items must be linked correctly before finishing. To do this double click on exclamation icon to search and link to existing product or double click on icon and select “new” to create new product.
SVS Provet Masterpet
Cenvet Lyppard NVS

In New Zealand our eBiz partners include SVS, Provet and Masterpet. In Australia our eBiz partners include Provet, Cenvet and Lyppard. In the UK our eBiz partners include NVS. Please check with us as we continually add to this list based on demand.

If you would like to reduce errors with accurate ordering and substantially free up staff time, please email to find out more about eBiz integration and how to get it for your practice.

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