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Vet S8 – Now Available in New Zealand

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Are you tired of manually writing up your controlled drugs register?

What is Vet S8?

Vet S8 is an electronic controlled drug register that replaces and improves on the paper-based recording of controlled drugs, specifically designed for vets.

Vet S8 is fully integrated with VetlinkPRO which includes 3 distinct integration points:

  • Administering controlled drugs to animals
  • Receiving controlled drugs from medication suppliers
  • Transferring controlled drugs between registers (e.g. from main safe to vehicles and back)

The integrated solution saves vets valuable time and effort in terms of managing their S8 administration. When an invoice is raised in VetLinkSQL, the relevant controlled drug register data is automatically sent to the Vet S8 pending list, ready for the veterinarian to action - no more double entry of data is required!

Vet S8 is more than a traditional drug register, it is an intelligent platform that has built-in real time alerting for stock adjustments so that vet owners or practice managers can investigate discrepancies in real time, potentially reducing instances of drug diversion and allowing for better investigative processes.  

Vet S8 key features and benefits

  • Paperless solution - quicker and easier way of recording the information
  • Helps to reduce errors and maintain accurate records
  • Don’t have to step away from your computer and manually enter data
  • Takes the hassle out of stock checks/reconciliations
  • Provides customised reporting (patient, drug, period of time, etc) at the press of a button

For more information on integrating Vet S8 with VetlinkPRO please email or for more information on Vet S8 please click here.

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