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How do I run VETLINKSQL on a mobile device?

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How do I run VetlinkSQL on a mobile device?

First you will need to make sure that VetlinkSQL in your clinic runs on RDS (Remote Desktop Services) infrastructure or that you are accessing VetlinkSQL as a CFL cloud service. Once you have confirmed this you will need to download and install Microsoft RD Client from Google Play store if you are running an Android device or App Store if you are running an Apple device. The RD Client app is free to download. VetlinkSQL will run on any device using RD Client that supports a resolution of 1024x768 or higher but in general higher resolution devices with bigger displays such as tablets (eg. iPad, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab, LG G Pad etc) are preferred.

Configuring RD Client connection

To configure RD Client connection you will need the following details from your IT provider if you are using your own RDS server or CFL if you are accessing VetlinkSQL as CFL cloud service.

  • PC/Server Name - host name or IP address
  • Credentials - domain name, user name and password
  • Gateway – hostname or IP address (if required)
  • Gateway Credentials (if different from PC/Server Name credentials)

Once you have configured the RD Client connection simply tap on it to connect. If you are using CFL cloud service you will be able to connect from anywhere (eg. clinic, home, on the go with 3G/4G connection etc) but if you are using your own RDS server this will depend on configuration and security of your infrastructure.


Using touch gestures instead of a mouse

Using any Windows application with touch gestured instead of a mouse can be challenging at the beginning. The following guide explains common mouse operations and how to perform them with touch gestures. RD Client can be used in “Direct touch” or “Mouse pointer” mode. To switch between modes while connected click on the connection name on the top of the screen and switch the mode by clicking on the mode type on the right hand side. We recommend using VetlinkSQL in “Mouse pointer” mode.

Mouse mode Mouse operation Touch gesture
Direct touch Left click 1 finger tap
Direct touch Right click 1 finger tap and hold
Direct touch Zoom Use two fingers and pinch to zoom in or move fingers apart to zoom out.
Mouse pointer Left click 1 finger tap
Mouse pointer Left click and drag 1 finger double tap and hold, then drag
Mouse pointer Right click 2 finger tap
Mouse pointer Right click and drag 2 finger double tap and hold, then drag
Mouse pointer Mouse wheel 2 finger tap and hold, then drag up or down


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