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Five Tips to Simplify Stocktaking for Veterinary Practices

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One of the worst things you can do in practice management is to run out of stock of a drug item, or to turn away customers because you've run out of the retail item they need. "Stockouts" not only cost you money from missed sales, they can also make you lose customers. The comprehensive and reliable veterinary management software is the best way to keep the stock and supplies under control.

An efficient inventory control system tracks how much product you have in stock and forecasts how long your supplies will last, based on sales activity. This allows you to place orders far enough ahead of time to prevent stockouts.

Inventory Overstock Hazards  

When stock isn't managed well, you can also end up with overstock – too much of certain items. Overstock comes with its own set of problems. The longer an item sits unsold in inventory, the greater the chance it will never sell at all. Meaning, you'll have to write it off, or at least discount it deeply. The stock take function in VETLINKSQL allows users to do periodic or annual stocktakes. 

Here’s how our software provides 5 simple tips for stock management:  

  1. Use the stocktake sheets to generate multiple columns so multiple staff can be involved in counts. Each staff is assigned their own column which are added together for final counts. 
  2. For quick stocktakes done by one staff member, sheets can be generated with populated current stock on hand values. This enables the staff with the option of not having to count all items, but just to update a few items as required. Alternatively, the columns can also be zeroed for full new counts. 
  3. After each stocktake, a variance report is printed which can help identify stock control issues. 
  4. A stock value report can be printed retrospectively for stock on hand values. 
  5. For fast and accurate processing of stocktakes, the Stocklink App is recommended. The Stocklink App can download sheets generated in VetLinkSQL and submit them back once counts are done.  

No more dealing with pen and paper, pages of printouts and wasted time re-entering counts back into VetLinkSQL. Products can be searched on the app by name, but for faster and more accurate identification barcodes can be scanned as well. With VetLinkSQL, the in-built camera on a phone or tablet automatically becomes a barcode scanner as well. Both manufacture and shelf talker labels are supported. As well as stock takes, stock adjustments can be done to adjust stock for single items one at a time. Simple!

VetLinkSQL’s veterinary management software with inventory management is ranked as one of the best veterinary practice management software on Capterra.

If you want to learn how VetLinkSQL helped a veterinary hospital to simplify their stocktaking, download our case study here.

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