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How to Order Stock Efficiently for Veterinary Clinics

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Inventory management is challenging, yet a mandatory procedure for any veterinary practice, whether it is a large equine hospital or a small animal clinic. Inaccurate inventory control can result in stock deficiency as well as in dead stock that both might adversely affect a clinic’s overall profitability.

VetLinkSQL offers an all-in-one inventory management solution, which is part of the VetLinkSQL veterinary practice management software. The system’s functionality ranges from managing inventory locations, ordering, electronic submission of orders, manual and electronic receipt generation for stocktakes and stock transfers. All of them come with a comprehensive barcoding methodology and an easy-to-use mobile app. It also has full auditing features and special functions to deal with breakages and in-house use of products. Last but not the least, it has a robust reporting function.

The comprehensive ordering system is supplier agnostic. Orders can be generated for any supplier in a number of ways:

• A user can create an order from scratch on VetLinkSQL where they can choose and add the items as needed.

• Another option is to use automatic ordering. This method requires each item to be set up with a preferred supplier, and minimum and maximum values. When an automatic order is started, stock on hand items below the minimum value will be ordered with a quantity to make up the maximum value. A separate order will be created for each supplier as needed. The user can still add, delete and amend items on the automatic order before finalizing the order. Any products on incomplete hospital bills, and open farm batched bills are taken into consideration when using this feature so the stock on hand figure is accurate for ordering purposes. Minimum and maximum levels can also be updated via previous years’ sales data with a percentage increase/decrease formula.

VetLinkSQL also allows items to be set up with pack sizes. This allows items to be ordered from the supplier as 1 pack of XXX units. However, at billing, it can be dispensed as just 1 unit from the pack. For example, you may purchase 1 bottle of 100 tablets from your supplier but only dispense 1 tablet at a time at billing to clients.

Once orders have been verified and completed, they can be sent directly from VetLinkSQL to suppliers that support e-commerce functionality. All supported suppliers can be seen on the main website as we are continually integrating with partners. Electronic inwards goods invoices can also be imported directly to update sales, inventory, and pricing after review.

Orders can be printed, emailed, faxed, or phoned through by the clinic.

With extensive functionality complemented by the handy mobile add-on solution, VetLinkSQL’s veterinary management software is a valuable investment that will help to ensure proper inventory maintenance and save money in the long run.

To read about how VetLinkSQL has simplified and transformed inventory management in a vet hospital, download our case study here.

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