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The Best Way to Increase Efficiency of Vet Clinic Staff

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Stocktaking is a cumbersome and time-consuming procedure. In fact, it entails a whole bunch of tasks from monitoring the under and overstocks, timely ordering and distributing across branches and vehicles, to invoicing and reporting – enough to keep a separate clinic division busy! If you don’t have any, you might end up with your vets dealing with all of this rather than taking care of patients.

At the end of the day, your personnel are struggling with performing their duties efficiently, while your clients don’t get the service they expect, and your stock turns into a mess.

So, how can you increase the productivity of your personnel and free them up for consultations and important surgeries? Simple, automate.

By automating stocktaking tasks and stock maintenance, you’ll also be reducing the probability of human errors. VetLinkSQL features a comprehensive stock management system as part of the complete vet practice management software.

What’s more, the solution is complemented by our easy-to-use StockLink App available for Android and Apple devices. The app is developed specifically for vet clinic personnel and allows them to create new orders, or to download the automatic orders created by the software to verify before ordering.

With the app, the personnel have the freedom to walk around the building to verify quantities and update it immediately with their mobile phone or other devices. Items can be looked up on the app by name through a product search or by scanning the barcode. Manufacturer barcodes are supported but it is recommended to print shelf talker labels and stick them on the shelf under the product range for an even faster lookup. Once verified, orders are uploaded back to VetLinkSQL to send.

This smart, easy and super handy solution integrated to the veterinary management software has already saved time on monitoring and maintaining the clinic’s inventory for a range of our clients, increased their personnel productivity and freed them from tedious stocktaking tasks.

To read about how VetLinkSQL has simplified and transformed stock management in a vet hospital, download our case study here.

If you’d like to know how VetLinkSQL innovative and flexible software can transform your practice, book a FREE demo today.

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