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Configuring Online Booking for Telemedicine

Contact CFL to enable the Telemedicine Option in Online booking

For seamless integration to VetLinkSQL, the telemedicine plug-in for online booking requires two areas to be set up. One is the online booking portal and the other, the zoom meeting platform. A paid zoom subscription account is required for this integration to work seamlessly. Subscribe at


Online Booking Portal Setup

VetLinkSQL’s Online Booking portal can be set up with various options. When a telemedicine option is selected by a client the system can be set up to action different messages and acceptance of, and compliance to, specific terms and conditions. The video below shows how to set up your online booking system to activate telemedicine consultations.




Configuring Zoom ready for integration


Register Your App

  1. You MUST have a paid Zoom subscription; integration will not work on a free account. Once you have subscribed, sign in using your Zoom Admin Account and visit the Zoom App Marketplace. Click on the Develop option in the dropdown on the top-right corner and select Build App.
    Register Zoom App
  2. Select JWT as the app type and click on Create.

App Information

  1. Enter an App name and description.
  2. Add Developer Contact name and email, which may be used by the Zoom Marketplace Team or your users for any inquiries regarding your app.
    App Information

Generate App Credentials

  1. Copy the API Key and API Secret, email them to CFL to set up the Telemedicine feature.
    Generate App Credentials
  2. Once you’ve accessed your API Key and Secret and copied over any needed tokens, click Continue.
  3. Add App Features: This is optional. Click Continue.


Your app is all set to make requests to any Zoom APIs for VetLinkSQL Telemedicine features. Please note that if you Deactivated your app, your app will not be authorized to make VetLinkSQL Telemedicine requests.


Zoom User Management for Vets to use VetLinkSQL Telemedicine Feature


Create a Developer Role for Accessing APIs

  1. Login to your Zoom Admin Account at and navigate to Admin > Role management.
  2. Click on Add Role.
    Add Role
  3. Enter Developer as the Role name and click on Add. Once the role is created, click on the Edit button of the Developer role.
    Role management
  4. In the Role Settings tab, scroll down to the Advanced features section and tick the Zoom for developers and Marketplace options.
    Role Settings
  5. In the Role Members tab, click on the Add Members button to add users to this role for using VetLinkSQL Telemedicine feature.
    Role Members
  6. Please email those Zoom User IDs to


Configuring your Online booking Account

See the video at the top of this blog for how to set up telemedicine in your online booking account.


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