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Free Reception Logbook for COVID-19 and Beyond

16 May, 2020 | logbook, free app | Blog | 0 Comments | Return|

While most corporate offices have visitor log books, Veterinary Practices have not really needed to have such a facility in place. Staff members and visitors such as sales reps have been able to come and go as they please. With the Covid-19 pandemic in play, it is now mandatory in most jurisdictions to have some form of “people movement” or ability to “contact trace” for everyone in and out of the building. While pen and paper visitor books may have been adequate for occasional visitors, frequent movement of staff members in and out of the building needs to have an easier mechanism.

Our software engineers have therefore put together a free web application that you can configure and use to trace everyone coming and leaving your building. A log file is available should it ever be required by the user to assist any health organisation or for their own internal use. This is how to get this done.

Step One: Apply to get this designed and set up for your practice by filling the form here.

Step Two: You will be contacted once it has been set up and asked for your logo, should you want that on there. You will also be provided with your encrypted URL and Admin Username & Password. You can get your web developer to put this link on your website for easy access or you could always just save the tab on your browser.

Step Three: Set up your Admin side with all your internal staff members and any others that may be coming in and out regularly – such as cleaners, security, etc.

Step Four: Have a small and low-cost Tablet mounted on a wall or have one handy at reception, or even an old laptop. There are many low cost Tablets (all that’s required is browser access) on the market. Use 3M Velcro strips and mount it on a wall or leave it at reception. Charge overnight or have it plugged in. Many options to consider.

Step 5: Start to use it as follows:

Internal Staff & Known Individuals

  1. Select yourself from the drop-down list and then enter your password. Do not “save” the password if the browser asks.
  2. Select whether you are coming into the building or going out.
  3. Put in a reason and possibly where you are going – eg. Lunch at ABC Coffee shop or Home
  4. Accept and it’s logged!

Guests & Visitors

  1. Selects if they are coming in to the building or leaving
  2. Enters their name and contact details
  3. Selects who they have come to see
  4. Accept and it logged!

Best Practice

  1. Open the browser in “Safe” or “Incognito” mode so staff don’t accidently save their passwords
  2. Ask your web developer to hide the link under a menu or button on your website for easy access
  3. If (2) is not possible, simply save the link under “Favourites” in your browser for easy access.

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