Telemedicine Feature

VetlinkPRO facilitates a smart plug-in option for a *Tele-Medicine platform via its Online Booking SystemMobile App and matching as well as directly via the VetlinkPRO appointment calendar.

Why Telemedicine


Telemedicine is here to stay. For Good

While Covid-19 has accelerated its introduction, new experiences by clients and veterinarians have been very revealing for both parties. There are many areas where it can be used very successfully while proving to be more productive than a “phone conversation”, with the added advantage of being able to do a lot off-premise.
  • Replacing Phone Calls: A video call can be very useful for many consultation types such as follow-ups, nurse consults for chronic conditions, initial treatment advice, check sutures, initial look at lesions, blood test discussions and even end of life conversations where an empathetic face to face conversation would add great value to the owner.
  • Last Minute and After-Hours: A quick video consultation to gauge a client’s anxiety / concerns as you are closing up, or after-hours, can be an excellent service in times of need. Farm / Equine: A quick video consultation off the owners phone in the field can help prioritise calls and save travel time with triage.
  • New Revenue: Free phone advice by nurses may be able to be replaced with mini-consults for a small fee.
  • Provider: It is best to select a telemedicine platform fully integrated to your Practice Management System’s appointment calendar, and its online booking tool, with comprehensive scheduling, blocking, and availability by qualification, as well being able to save the video into patient clinical notes. Unlimited meetings for a small fixed fee will increase your bottom line as you scale over time; best not to choose a platform with a “per meeting” cost.
  • Legal Requirements: Before embarking on any services via telemedicine it is recommended that you are aware of the legal guidelines; contact your Veterinary Association for guidance.

How does it work

Inside VetlinkPRO

Telemedicine appointments can be scheduled and launched directly from within the VetlinkPRO appointment book, with many set up and scheduling options on a per staff and per day basis. It can then be launched directly from within VetlinkPRO. The API integration automatically set up Zoom to initiate it’s “Waiting Room” feature so staff members are able to see a list of people “waiting” online. The consultation starts with full privacy once a client is accepted.
Tele-Medicine Work Flow - Consultation
Tele-Medicine Work Flow - Consultation

How does it work

With Online Booking

The Online Booking system has a Telemedicine option, which when subscribed to our back-end platform partner, allows the practice to set up a number of options for full control of this feature. The workflow is simple.
  • Making a Booking
    Tele-Medicine Work Flow - Making a Booking
  • Consultation
    Tele-Medicine Work Flow - Consultation

Block-Outs, Vets, Ability, Reasons

A practice can set up several options for online Telemedicine bookings:
  • Availability – Customise Telemedicine availability on a per Vet basis at different days and different times
  • Capability & Speciality - Appointment reasons can be allocated based on Staff Capability & Speciality / Expertise
  • Duration – Different appointment reasons can be set to different time duration
  • Pricing – Different appointment reasons can have their own pricing

Custom Messaging on client side when booking

A practice is able to fully customise the following text:
  • Message on-screen specific to the appointment reason selected
  • Message content on-screen upon successful Telemedicine appointment
  • Message in email content when sent to the client with the unique meeting URL (link) to click on

Device Support

There is no need for an App (optional) and so the meeting can be started by the client on almost any device such as Computers, Tablets (iOS and Android), and Smart Phones (iOS and Android).  


Video consultations can be recorded and the file downloaded automatically.

Consultation Use cases

There are many use-cases based on what a practice wishes to achieve. Here are some examples below:
  • Client and Patient at home through a Video & Speech consultation
  • Client in the car and the patient “dropped off” at reception or front of practice
  • Client and patient in the field (Large Animal / Equine) using their phone / Tablet

In-Practice Use cases

Depending on the size of the practice, and policies adopted, many options remain open. These are some such options:
  • Have dedicated consulting rooms with video conferencing tools
  • Have a Tablet with Wi-Fi so it can be moved around the clinic and notes can be uploaded into your PMS simultaneously
  • Have allocated Veterinarians and Nurses with both options


Each link sent to a client is unique. If further security is required, a PIN or Password can also be set up. With our plug-in partner the practice is in charge and able to start a consultation when ready, as clients wait in an online virtual “Waiting Room” environment.


  • Q: Do I need the online booking system for clients to use this facility?
    A: Yes. Online Booking is a prerequisite for this as it uses the same integration platform.
  • Q: Can I pause Online Booking but offer just Telemedicine Appointment bookings?
    A: Yes you can switch on either or have both operational.
  • Q: Can I have a different message for a client booking a Telemedicine appointment?
    A: Yes you can configure different messages for standard and telemedicine bookings.
  • Q: Can I save my video consultations and attach it to patients' clinical notes?
    A: Yes you can, but make sure you have enough storage capacity. For best practice email for assistance.
  • Q: How do I find out more?
    A: Watch the Video and then email and we will be in touch asap.  


Also see - Online Booking and Book My App.


*Zoom is used as the platform of choice for Telemedicine video consultations.
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