Reminder Recording Feature


VetlinkPRO allows users to create both Vaccination and Recall reminder types (Recalls refer to everything that is not a Vaccination including worming, dental check and phone call followup reminders). Each reminder type can then be assigned to vaccines or other goods and servives where required. When a patient is vaccinated or dispensed that item a reminder window will then trigger to mark the current/previous reminder as done, record the batch and expiry date and record a future reminder. Reminders can also be added and managed from the animal record if required.

Reminder Mailouts

To notify and remind clients of upcoming or overdue reminders Vetlink has a Reminder system that can send mailers by either/all of letter, email or SMS. Clients of clinics with the MyVet app can also receive notifications on their phone before the reminder is due.
Reminder Mailouts

The email and letter templates can be customised with various formatting options and mail-merge variables. A mailmerge variable even exists for the animal photo to personalise the the mailer even more. VetlinkPRO even allows you to record the clients prefernece for the type of mailer they wish to receive, e.g. Letter, email, SMS or a combination. When the reminders are processed VetlinkPRO then checks the clients preferences whend decding which type of reminder to send.

Reminder Mailout Templates

When setting up your reminder mailers VetlinkPRO allows multiple levels of complexity depending on the set up the clinic requires.

The first level is just to have a simple / generic reminder template with mail-merge variables including names, addresses, due dates and reminder types. The same template is used to create each reminder mailer so would be worded appropriatley to apply to all reminder types. You can choose to send one mailer per reminder, animal or client where multiple reminders details are merged into one letter.
Reminder Templates

The next level up allows you to have a customised mailer for each reminder type. For example, you may want your F3 mailer to include specific information about what the f3 vaccination protects against. When your process your reminder run VetlinkPRO will automatically assign the correct templates to each patient/client and if a reminder does not have a custom template it will use the generic template.
Reminder Status

The final level allows you to cutomise your reminder based templates even further by having up to 3 run based templates. For example, you may want your F3 template to be worded a bit more strongly each time a run is sent. The first reminder may say something along the lines of “…your reminder is due soon…”. If the vaccination has not been done by the time the second reminder is sent, the second reminder mailer run may say something like “…your vaccination is due now…”. If the vaccination has not been done by the time the third reminder is sent, the third reminder run mailer may say something like “…your vaccination is now overdue…”. Again, when you process your reminder run VetlinkPRO will automatically assign the correct templates to each patient/client.
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