Effortless Marketing Feature


The marketing system has been carefully designed to allow for ease of use, yet produce sophisticated queries to access important information.

What sets this application apart from many others is that it performs a data validation before a full mail-merge. This means that it automatically analyses the database and reports inaccuracies or missing information to the user. For example, it will identify clients with missing addresses before letters are mail-merged so that you may correct them. It will identify clients with missing or invalid mobile numbers when TXT messages are about to be sent and it will identify missing email addresses before emails are merged!

To facilitate an easy one-step process, the application comes with an integrated word-processor with a full spell-checker. This eliminates the need for purchasing Microsoft Office at an additional cost.

Marketing to users can be facilitated in one or more of the following ways:
  • Mail-merged letters for posting
  • Mail-merged TXT (SMS) messages to mobile phones
  • Mail-merged graphical emails shots

Furthermore, each marketing campaign can be controlled by the user to go out as “forced” by a method (eg. Letters) or take the client’s preferred method of receiving communication. In the client record, you may enter their different communication preferences for recalls, mail-outs, and appointment confirmations. The marketing module can then automatically send out communication based on the clients’ choice, and not “bombard” them with junk mail or TXT messages, or even phone calls.

The Marketing system can target various combinations of queries as listed below – this is by no means a comprehensive list:
  • Client First Visit Date (New Clients – Thank you note?)
  • Client sales over a period in services or retail
  • Clients who have not purchased a service or category
  • Special client mailing groups with and/or combinations
  • Animal Age, breed, purchase history, last visit date etc…
  • Client Bonus Points (Loyalty System)

Plus many more combinations and permutations.
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