Inventory Management Feature


Accurate stock control is mandatory if a practice is to remain profitable. VetlinkPRO has a very comprehensive inventory management system complemented by our very own Stocklink App.

Stock is receipted by way of Inwards Goods Invoices (with full Accounts Payable System) and it is sold via the Billing system. Full electronic e-commerce integration is available with various Wholesalers and Distributors. There are several smarts within the system as follows.

Automatic Ordering

Automatic Orders can be generated based on a Min and Max setting on items. This can be a static Min/Max or it can be seasonal where each Month from January to December can have its own Min/Max.

Seasonal Min/Max

Every month of the year can have its own seasonal Min/Max for every item and these can be populated / updated by applying a special function that can take a previous year's sales figure and update current Min/Max trigger levels by an increase or decrease for current market conditions.

Stock Movement Audit Trails

Full audit trails are available on-screen to show how an items came to have the current stock level. Every sale and receipt as well as stock takes are clearly visible to track item movement.

Price Change History

A full audit trail of every price change is recorded with how it actually happened. Price change may be manual, because the List or Cost went up, or the Markup was updated. Every price change is logged and can be fully audited.

Query Searches

Every item can be queried on-screen for a date range and then narrowed to either a client or patient to track exact usage of the the product.

Sale & Purchase History

Full audit trail of invoices in and out are available on-screen for audits and tracking.
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