Hotel Module Feature


The hotel module refers to a “Cattery”, “Kennel”, or “Equine Paddock” boarding system where animals are booked for a period of time similar to a hotel, except with many additional features for the purpose.


Highly Configurable

Users can define several options to change the look and feel as well as some rule sets for a fully configurable set up. Some options are as follows:
  • Set Opening and Closing Times
  • Set Checkout Time (for billing)
  • Set option for half day pickups
  • Multi-Branch option to allow view/booking of another branch’s rooms
  • Create Categories/Groups of Rooms
  • Create options for Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Animals for Rates
  • Create Communal Rooms via Category and Linked Billing

Forms & Info

A number of forms can be configured using the in-built word-processor with full mail-merged variables. A right mouse click on the booking can produce a personalised document, from consent forms to new client forms. Notes can also be entered against the booking to indicate special instructions such as treatment and dietary requirements.
  • Multiple User defined forms for printing
  • Special Notes for Instructions


The booking screen is highly useable and views can be changed dynamically with zoom functions. There are multiple views, as well as Search and Link options.
  • Stretchable Form to cover screen size and resolution
  • Vertical Zoom to be able to see more rooms in one view
  • Horizontal Zoom to be able to see more days in one view
  • List View to see all individual Room Bookings over time
  • Search Client and Animal to find bookings
  • Vertical Ruler function to see alignment of days
  • Linked Appointments for multiple bookings
  • Ability to change Room
  • Ability to Lock Out Rooms

Billing Flexibility

Automatic billing for the number of days of stay is complemented with options for rates as well as half-day resolutions and other options
  • Bill multiple linked room bookings automatically
  • Set up different Room Rates
  • Auto-Bill for duration of stay and room rate
  • Ability to bill for full or half day resolutions
  • Ability to bill off calendar day or open and close times
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