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VetlinkPRO has a fully functional “high-end” appointments calendar system with the ability to populate an advanced roster system which then plans out calendars for each staff member automatically and continuously. Further, it handles recurring appointments with full clash management and error handling. So why would one need integration to a third party calendar?
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The Difference

The in-built calendar handles all staff members within a practice and the administration team is able to see this. Individual staff members have two options to see their own appointments in VetlinkPRO.

Firstly, like most other cloud solutions, one can login to the full VetlinkPRO application and access their appointments. Unfortunately this solution, especially on personal phones, can be a little hard to read, let alone having to login to the entire application and possibly breaching practice security protocols by unauthorised staff members. The second method is to use our Mobile App that syncs all appointments for the user on to their phone for easy access with additional security-led features. It also has all the other essential functionality to be able to bill on-site and so on.
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Use Case

VetlinkPRO’s individual staff record can be set up to activate an automated sync of appointments made in VetlinkPRO to appear in one’s Google Calendar. These are some use cases:
  1. What workload do I have today?
    Many staff members (Vets) who work on different days and times only need to know what appointments they have at the clinic. Many companion animal vets will want to see how busy their mornings or afternoons are for example so they can see if they need to rush into work or can take a more relaxed approach back to work. Looking it up on a Google Calendar on a phone is quick, easy, and convenient.
  2. Can I book a personal appointment / task
    While some staff will sync work appointments into a separate Google Calendar, others may sync it into their personal calendar so they can see personal appointments as well as work commitments side by side. Note that one could have separate Google Calendars and still view both in one calendar – there are many free and paid Calendar Apps that will do this. Please read our Blog to find out more.
  3. Farm Vets
    This is probably one of the most common areas of use. Large Animal Vets and Mobile Vets can see all their appointments on their Google Calendar all day and every day as calls are taken at the practice for their farm call-outs. We recommend every farm vet adopt this feature to get full visibility of their calls. Of course, if you wish to also bill, take photos, and type / talk your notes into VetlinkPRO, then you really need our VetlinkPRO Mobile Billing App!
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What details does it sync?

We take a number of data sets to your Google Calendar as follows:

Subject Line:
Customer Name (replaced by Company Name if it exists), Patient (Species), and Appointment Reason

Appointment Body:
Customer Name, Company Name if it exists, Patient Location Address (excellent for equine), Client’s full address (if different to patient location) , Phone Numbers, Diary Notes, Client Notes (how to find the house/farm or any other notes deemed important such as “Take Cash Only” and so on). Finally the appointment duration is also shown.

Smart Image automatically applied courtesy of Google by matching the appointment reason

Want to set it up? Read this Blog to see how you can set this up all by yourself without calling our helpdesk!

Notes: Available after VetlinkPRO Ver 5.1k only. Click on Help/About to see which version of VetlinkPRO you are on. Limitations: Appointments made in VetlinkPRO will sync to your Google Calendar. It will support Add, Change/Edit, and Delete. Appointments made in the Google Calendar do not sync back to VetlinkPRO. For that, you will need our VetlinkPRO Mobile Billing App. Only tested and supported for Google Calendars.
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