Equine Features | Unique Features for Equine Businesses


Equine businesses often require unique features from their software that differ from standard large and small animal clinics.

VetlinkPRO is used in some of the largest equine practices, both locally and internationally and caters for a number of equine-specific features. Some of these are described below.

Syndicate Clients and Billing

A horse can often be owned by a syndicate of investors, each with different shares of ownership. VetlinkPRO allows users to create a “Master” syndicate client and then assign members to the syndicate clients each with their own percentage share of the horse. When the syndicate or a syndicated horse is billed, it automatically splits the bill to each of the members based on their percentage share. Invoices and end-of-month financial statements (with detailed invoices) will how all details to the members so they are fully aware as to the source of the billing.

Location and Equine Records

A horse may often reside at a location that is different from the owner/s. For this reason animal records allow for three unique pointers. The user can specify LOCATION, THE OWNER, and THE CHARGE-TO for each individual horse. The location can be recorded on all Tax Receipts/Invoices as well as statements. This allows clients to easily see where the horse was billed if they are members of multiple syndicates or not directly involved with the Horse on a day to day basis.

The dam or sire of a horse can also be specified on the animal record. A single click of the mouse will take you to a horse’s dam or sire record. Birth dates can also be automatically defaulted to the 1st of August.


The analysis by location report is specifically designed to report on equine studs. It will report only on the stud selected and list the total sales for the stud, the individual sales for each animal and it is further broken down into the sales by class and month. This provides a fast and easy way to report on your business with a stud even though you may not be billing them directly.


VetlinkPRO also has support for a special statement format designed specifically for equine billing. Instead of listing of just each invoice transaction in chronological order, the special alternate statement for equine clients can list each Horse with their transactions and their own individual subtotal. This makes it much easier to reconcile statements for clients who have ownership in many horses. If you are a mixed practice with Small/Large and Equine business the different formats will print out automatically depending on the type of client.

The statements will also display the percentage share for the syndicate client as well as the location where the animal was billed.

International Bills

An exchange rate conversion note can also be added to the bottom of statements that will convert the statement total to another currency based on an exchange rate entered when the statements are built.

Bulk Billing

VetlinkPRO also supports bulk billing; this is where a single bill is created with an optional clinical record, and then applied to a number of horses thereby speeding up the billing process for similar services to a number of patients. For example, a vet may go to a stud to perform scans on all dams. Each horse may have a different owner so a different bill will need to be made for each client and animal combination even though the bill items are exactly the same. Instead of creating a new bill for each client you can use the bulk billing function to create a single bill template and then select the clients/horses the bills will be created for in one single process.

Negative Discount Feature

There are instances where you may want to automatically bill certain clients a higher than the normal fee due to their payment history, etc. A client can be assigned a pricing grade where certain Products & Services (or all) can have a negative discount set. Unlike a normal discount where a price is shown with the discount on the invoice and statement, this feature supresses the discount column and simply shows the final price on invoices and statements; the client therefore remains oblivious to the “special” treatment.
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