Clinical Records Feature


Writing up clinical notes in VetlinkPRO is fast, accurate and easy with several useful features.

Form Types

There is a database of forms including SOAP and Problem Oriented formats with or without various headers to record TPR and Body Score conditions and so on. A popular form can be defaulted for you but others are also available at any time to use.


VetlinkPRO allows creation of abbreviations with a link to full words, phrases, or sentences. Once these are typed and the space bar is pressed, the entire content gets imported thereby speeding up data entry.


Pre-populated history templates for common write-ups can be stored and simply imported as required to maximise efficiency and increase consistency.


Charts can be added easily and then edited. Several charts such as Dental (Cat, Dog, Horse), Skin, and Eye are included


Any PDF file can be imported into a patient's clinical record easily


Image files such as photos can be imported easily


Dicom files can be imported or linked and viewed from within VetlinkPRO

Letters / Document / Handout

A free integrated word-processor (or can also use MS Word) can be used to generate referral letters and custom handouts.

Audio & Video

Audio and Video files can also be recorded as part of a clinical record easily.

History Browser

An HTML history browser allows viewing of past history easily, with several options to filter, search, collate information. It allows to print, and email histories (with or without prices). It also allows a quick review of other patients in that household.
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