Billing & Receipting Feature


The billing system can be accessed in various ways for special areas of the business such as Small Animal, Equine, Dairy and so on, with special functionality for efficiency of data entry and to minimise missed charges. The billing system is fully integrated to the Appointments calendar whereby a reason for an appointment can automatically populate an entire bill for a procedure when progressing into a consultation or a surgery (see Complex Products). There are a number of advanced features within the billing system; some are discussed below.

Follow Through from Appointments

An appointment reason can be tagged to a single billing line or an entire billing procedure. Once the workflow moves from the appointment to the billing screen, a full list of per-configured services, fees, materials, and drugs can be billed out automatically.

Batched Billing

Batched billing is a special function usually used for Large Animal work where the billing system becomes a fast data entry system from worksheets. A tight cycle of date, client, patient, and items selection allows fast input of data. In this mode of data entry, bills can be back-dated into a previous period and all irrelevant popup questions such as requests for drug labels and so on are bypassed to achieve maximum efficiency. Saved bills can then be printed in a summary format for each Vet to check before they are "posted" into the debtors system.

Bulk Billing

Bulk billing is also a high speed billing system usually used by Equine and other Large Animal Vets. This feature allows the user to create one single bill and then pick numerous clients / animals and then to apply the same bill to all participants. Editing of individual ones is supported. A typical use scenario would be an equine Vet performing the same procedure at a stud for numerous horses. This feature would replace the time consuming task of making an invoice for each horse one by one.

Clone Bill

An existing bill can be easily "cloned" to avoid typing it all over again.

Quotes & Estimates

Quote and Estimates can be made against clients and patients. They can later be converted into invoices if work proceeds.

Reversing Transactions

A special refunding feature is very popular where clients have accounts and receive end of month statements. This function allows a completed invoice to be refunded in its entirety and NEITHER bill will appear on the client's end of month Statement.

Refund Options

There are several advanced refund options where a refund can be applied to reduce a particular month's debt to reflect accurate aged debtors balances thereby having an accurate calculation of interest charges.

Bulk Account Payments

This is another time saving feature for clients on account. Clients who pay their bills regularly can be grouped into a "Batch" category. Each month, as Bank Statements become available and payments from clients are visible, all due accounts can be loaded onto a spreadsheet like grid on-screen and processed in one single transaction after filling the amounts received. The system will then automatically create individual Account Payment transactions for all clients, saving hours of data entry.

In-House Use Bills

A special In-House use function allows billing out of drugs and materials with a full audit trail. This function is used to reduce inventory for items used in-house but not billed to clients.
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