BAM | Business Activity Monitor Feature


Business Activity Monitor (BAM) aims to allow end-users to monitor their ongoing operations through core Key Performance Indicators. It allows the user to benchmark with their peers and amongst their own branches. BAM utilises responsive design, allowing users to take BAM on the go.


Visual reports

Information at a glance is best viewed visually. The dashboard is clean and simple. It provides basic information that one needs to gauge how the business is progressing with month to date and same month last year comparisons. The most commonly requested KPI’s are presented including a trending chart. Major sources of revenue are immediately visible. Clicking on any of the KPI figures will lead to a more detailed analysis with figures, visuals, and comparisons.


Missed charges

Missed charges should be seen as missed profits. BAM allows users to name and build their own queries and then track them over user-defined periods. Built-in analytics will drill down into transactions and find bills with missed items where it is expected, based on another item in the same bill. While visual graphs will show lost profit and missed opportunities, detailed transactional information will identify actual bill references and staff IDs to facilitate audits, followed by education and training to achieve practice or corporate governance to a high standard.



Once transaction numbers increase, it become very difficult to monitor every individual transaction regardless of access level restrictions. BAM will certainly surprise you by using smart analytics to show irregular events in your transactions by monitoring discount, refund, reversal, and other “trends” with Staff accountability. Again, this will facilitate audits, followed by education and training to achieve practice or corporate governance to a high standard.



What are best selling products and services? What are the worst? Are we trending well in areas we have ear-marked and recently had training on? Are our staff following up on our Practice Vision? HiLo will show you where your sales and profits are coming from and where to focus for maximum return for the least effort.


Targets (TBA)

One needs to know if one is making money. BAM allows Management to enter monthly salaries, hours worked, and expected targets to see their return on investment. Individual Staff member logins will allow individuals to track their progress and aim to meet targets. This section is totally optional and Practices do not need to utilise this portion if it does not fit in with their clinic culture.


Peer analysis (TBA)

BAM is designed to be Practice Management Software agnostic. We will work with all PMS / EMRs that can upload very simple transactional data to BAM; we take over from there. For details on our API please contact If your software provider is unwilling to assist, our team will be able to install a small service on your server and upload data to BAM. Remember that NO client, patient, or even Staff names are uploaded to BAM. Peer analysis will be able to show you how you are performing compared to your colleagues in key KPI areas, geographically and nationally.

* This is an Add-On feature

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