Accounts Payable Feature


VetlinkPRO has a full Accounts Payable system starting from Purchase Ordering, Packing Slip Receipting, Invoice Receipting, and then finally, a full Payment Run with Remittance Slips and Banking file creation for internet or online Banking.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders can be created in one many ways.
  • Manual

    Purchase Orders can be entered manually for each Supplier and then sent in one of many ways, including submitting it electronically via our e-commerce integration with supported suppliers
  • *Store Based

    Purchase Orders can be done on a per Store basis. If a "Head Office Store" purchases items then the system can be set up to either receipt it into each store at Packing Slip or Invoice Receipting time, or perform "Stock Transfers" to individual Stores after receipting into the "Head Office" Inventory.
  • Automatic Orders

    Automatic Orders can be generated via the system based on fixed or seasonal Min/Max triggers. Once the Orders are generated, they can be edited and then submitted via our e-commerce integration with supported suppliers
  • Stocklink App

    The Stocklink App is probably the most efficient way to create Purchase Orders as it covers all Suppliers in one go. Simply walk around the building and either Scan Barcodes or Search / Select items from a list and enter quantity required. Once ready, select Sync and Purchase Orders for ALL Suppliers will be created in VetlinkPRO ready to be submitted via our e-commerce integration with supported suppliers. Where a product does not have a preferred Supplier, it will be in a Purchase Order designated "Casual" - simply right click on each item send select "Transfer" to move it to one of the existing Suppliers' open Orders. This way the entire Practice's requirements can be completed quickly and efficiently.
  • Back-Orders

    Full Back-Order handling is supported, including several options to cancel Back-Orders

    * A "Store" is an inventory location within a Branch of a Practice. It can be used for different parts of a building such as an independent division or department, or for Mobile Vehicles in a Large Animal or Ambulatory or House Call Practice.

Packing Slip

Orders can be converted into Packing Slips to update receipting of Stock into inventory without any pricing update. In a larger multi-branch environment where one person or department may be in charge of Accounts Payable will allow users at the point of receipt to accept stock only via Packing Slips. They will then convert Packing Slips into Inward Goods Invoice to pay Suppliers.


Purchase Invoices from Suppliers can be entered in one three ways. It can be accepted by converting an existing Purchase Order into an Invoice, or a Packing Slip may be used. The most efficient method is of course to accept electronic invoices directly via VetlinkPRO's e-commerce electronic integration with Suppliers. Please look under Integrations for Suppliers that VetlinkPRO integrates to.

Once electronic invoices are loaded, price changes are highlighted in colour to show increases or decreases in pricing and the logical decision to update sell prices. Each item in VetlinkPRO has a default decision profile to update "List" if "Cost" is above "List", which then triggers the "Sell" price. A change in "Cost" below "List" does not have an effect on "Sell". These defaults may be changed at an individual product level to only trigger price updates if the "List" changes by a particular $ or & margin. In any case, every item on-screen is shown with the pre-set business logic with an override option.

Invoices can also be updated with a payment date so they only come up for payment when they are due. This can be useful for invoices that have agreed delayed payment plans.

While is the VetlinkPRO system clever? When large invoices are loaded and price changes are shown in different colours on-screen, it can be difficult to scroll through large invoices to find what to update. VetlinkPRO has a "Show Differences" button which temporarily hides all matching lines and only shows the coloured ones so they can be addressed quickly and efficiently!


General expenses can also be loaded into the system and then either paid immediately or set aside to be included in the regular Payment Run.

Payment Run

A Payment Run process for a date range will bring up all Suppliers due for payment. Double clicking on each Supplier will bring up all due invoices; at this stage you could choose to pay all or part of an invoice. Once completed, Remittance Slips may be printed and/or an electronic Banking File generated for loading into Internet Banking system for supported Banks.
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