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Let’s face it, “Stock on Hand” is money tied up that is not in your Bank Account, and “Stock Not on Hand” are missed Sales Opportunities. Stock management for multi-branch clinics, as well as Large Animal and Equine Practices for per-vehicle stock management can reap huge rewards in terms of efficiency and increased cash flow. Our FREE* fully integrated Stocklink App will allow you to create Purchase Orders, Perform Stock Takes, and Update Automatic Orders generated from within VetlinkPRO’s seasonal min/max logic (which, by the way, can be updated based on previous years’ sales) . Search manually, scan barcodes using the in-built camera, or use a companion miniature Bluetooth laser barcode scanner to achieve perfect inventory.

Stock Ordering

Incredibly easy to use. Sync data from VetlinkPRO and then there is no further need for an internet connection as you walk around the clinic, the warehouse, or go off to check Vehicles out in the carpark! Simply search for items, or easier still, scan barcodes using the in-built camera or a miniature Bluetooth scanner and enter the quantity required. The screen will assist and show the product Class icon, current Stock on Hand, the appropriate month’s (seasonal) min/max estimate together with pricing and pack size and/or units. Simply enter or increment quantities required. Recurring scans will show last scanned entry so you may update requirements. Once finalised, syncing back will produce multiple Purchase Orders in VetlinkPRO for all Suppliers in one go. Any products without a designated supplier will go to a single Casual Purchase Order, where one is able to right-click items and transfer to an existing or new order. The latter is an advanced VetlinkPRO feature and can be useful for certain items where you may not have a favoured supplier, and may wish to “shop-around” for best pricing or stock availability each time.

Stock Transfers

The Stock Transfer function is designed to handle stock transfers between inventory “Stores”. Depending on how you have configured VetlinkPRO, it can be used to transfer stock between branch locations, intra-branch (if you have different inventory points within a branch), and between “stores” that are designated Vet and / or Sales Rep vehicles. Simply select a “From” and a “To” store, and start selecting products by searching and /or scanning using the built-in camera or a miniature Bluetooth scanner. Typical uses include scanning products from Head Office to branch clinics, from one branch clinic to another, from a clinic to a vehicle, and finally, between vehicles as Vets or Sale Reps exchange and / or swap inventory.

Tip: To make staff compliant, the process has to be simple. This is our recommendation. Place a Tablet such as an iPad on the wall where stock is taken out, or at the pharmacy window. Default the “From” store in the App to the Warehouse / Pharmacy (or equivalent), and then have the miniature barcode scanner handy. Users simply select their store, scan items they are taking out and then select “Transfer”. Done!

Stock Take

We expect that most Practices will use this App to manage stock levels. Performing a Stock-Take using this App is very simple, yet with sophisticated feature sets. Firstly, a Stock-Take “sheet” is generated within VetlinkPRO so the user or manager is able to decide if they are doing a full stock-take or a category or bin location only. Then, they just decide if one person alone is going to do a stock-take or a number of people are going to do it concurrently. This way the App can have locked cells and multiple simultaneous stock counting can be managed. Data display is also of significance and assists the user to manage accurate stock levels – which of course means that the Automatic Order function in VetlinkPRO can then be used with confidence. If you still decide not to fully trust your automatic orders, we have something else…read on...

Automatic Order Confirmation

Once an Automatic Order has been generated in VetlinkPRO using current stock-on-hand values and desired minimum trigger levels to achieve the seasonal maximum, the Order can be loaded into this App. You can then “walk the shelves”, scan items, and adjust the recommendation(s). The Order can then be transferred back to VetlinkPRO and then submitted electronically to our integrated wholesalers, awaiting automated importation of invoices to make the entire inventory management process seamless with automatic inventory and price updates.

Full Audit Trail

All stock transfer transaction logs are fully auditable and can be found under each product’s stock tab in VetlinkPRO. Management Reports are also available to track stock movement.

*We recommend an Apple iPad for running this App. Note that there is also an Android version available on Google Play and we highly recommended newer “name brand” portrait devices such as Samsung and LG. If in doubt please contact CFL for Android device recommendations as we cannot guarantee all makes and models to work perfectly.

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