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Image and clinical note capture on a device such as a phone or tablet is ideal, given its “mobility”. FileLink is an App that is a much better option than having to “lug around” the entire Veterinary Practice Management Software on a tablet or phone. It was about time to think outside the box!

FileLink has been developed to solve a long standing problem of being able to capture photos and notes of patients, procedures, and off-premises case photos for report writing at a later stage. Furthermore, the main application is able to send a “requisition” for the capture of a required image!

Finally, why is an App better? Firstly, certain functions can be used without any WiFi or internet and then synced later, and secondly, it does not use up an additional “user license” thereby being extremely cost-effective for a Practice. Some of the Apps capabilities are discussed below.



Appointment Book Requisition

One of the most common requests from users is the ability to capture patient photos into their record / profile quickly and efficiently, so it can be used not only to identify the patient, but to be able to merge the photo when creating and / or sending out Reminders, Handouts, Certificates, Letters and Reports. A right-click on the appointment in the main VetLinkSQL system at Reception will automatically send a “ping” to the App as a Requisition to take a photo. Once a photo is taken and accepted, it automatically and wirelessly appears in the patient record / profile in VetLinkSQL.

Clinical Record Requisition

When entering or reviewing clinical records, users are able to send a requisition to the FileLink App from the Actions Menu. The Requisitions Menu in the App shows all requests with the patient name as well as the destination. Once selected and a photo captured using the Phone or Mobile Tablet’s camera, the image is filed automatically and wirelessly into the appropriate clinical record.

Patient Photo Requisition

For new or existing patients, photos will be able to be captured directly from the appointment menu via a Requisition. In cases where the patient profile picture is missing, a menu item allows a photo request directly from the patient record via the Actions Menu.



Staff Photo Capture

Staff profile photos can also be captured and then used to display on the diary and billing screens in the application.

Client Photo Capture

Client profile photos can also be captured and then used to display on the diary and billing screens in the application for client identification if required.

Photos for Document Manager

Photos can also be taken and then saved to the Document Manager of the Client or Patient profile. This feature was added for ad-hoc photo capture for filing instead of having to scan documents for storage against client and patient records.

Photos for Clinical Notes

The FileLink App has 2 way communication and deep integration with the VetLinkSQL database and application. The last thing a nurse or Vet wants to do is to “Look Up” a patient in Surgery or Hospital to be able to take photos or start up a page to write their observations and notes. FileLink is always “connected” and the user is able to select all appointment books and surgery lists to find the patient that may be “in the building”. The process is to simply take a photo or write up notes and then select the patient from the list and presto, it is automatically filed!

Photos Taken Earlier

If photos were taken sometime earlier on one’s phone or tablet, they can be also be selected and then attached using the process described above.



Photos for Reports & Handouts

Imagine taking photos on your phone in the field, or in-hospital where you may not even have any internet coverage. Examples could be photos of a horses teeth, a post-mortem (autopsy), or any other interesting case that one may have observed. In the clinic one may want to take a before and after photo of a dental procedure to use later for a customised handout and instruction sheet, or even a referral letter. Simply take or pick a photo from your device and select “Save to Folder”. Once in VetLinkSQL, or one’s computer, the image(s) will be waiting to be selected for insertion into any document as described earlier.



Can’t get to a workstation? Or want to write notes on the fly? The FileLink App allows you to just pull out your phone, select the patient from any of the diaries (or search Ad-hoc), and simply start speaking into the notes area. The speech to text conversion is incredibly accurate and these notes are added into the same case even as other staff are entering theirs. Oh yes, you can be anywhere in the building or out and about, and still enter notes for your case. Now how useful is that!
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