Book My Vet App

Book My Vet

Our "Book My Vet" App is a complementary* Add-on product to our market leading Online Booking Module that allows clients to book their own appointments.

The rise of mobile technology now means that mobile email opens have nearly doubled over the past five years. Mobile users spend the majority of their time on mobile devices inside apps. More than 70% of people read their email in a mobile app, with three out of four people (75%) preferring to use an App on their phone than on a desktop. It is therefore imperative you have a mobile App offering for clients to book online.

This App will allow your clients to:

  • Save their login details
  • Lock in their favourite Branch
  • Book appointments from iOS and Android devices
  • View, change and cancel existing appointments once logged in
  • View reminders after a booking has been made
  • Clients can use One Click to Phone or Google Map to drive to your Practice
  • Your Practice can show an Advert/Education Info on completion
  • And its FREE* to you and your clients
* There is a small one-off fee to set up server side services, integration with your network, cloud database, clinic logo configuration and account registration.


Book via the App

New Clients: New clients in your area looking for a Vet Practice will no doubt be impressed that you have an App! They can download it immediately and book an appointment by entering their information. Quick, easy, and impressive.

Existing Clients: Existing clients can do the same as new clients, or better, they can log in to their account and just have to pick their Pet and a reason. The login details can be saved in the App so they never have to remember their login details or passwords. Once logged in they will also be able to see their Reminders once they have booked an appointment. 


Phone via the App

Phone via the App
Finding a phone number will no longer be a problem for your clients. When customising your App for you, we will embed your Practice's phone number so clients can contact you with just one click! 


Drive via the App

Drive via the App
Driving to your location is also going to be really easy for your clients, especially new clients. When customising your App for your Practice, we will embed your address so just one click will fire up Google Maps to assist your clients to drive to the correct location easily.  


Speech to Text

Your clients can speak into the App to describe the ailment - it will convert their speech into text with incredible accuracy!
Speech to Text

Inform, Educate, Advertise

Once an appointment has been made the user is shown their Pets' future Reminders and Appointments. In addition to this, an advert / education image can be shown. The cloud portal provided allows you to upload an image whenever you want to update your marketing or provide useful information to an attentive audience. A default image promotes dental care for Pets.

Recommended Strategy

Have download links on your website as well as in your email Reminders and SMS communications. Your front desk should have DLE sized brochures to promote the App. Then educate your staff to provide the brochure and write in the client's login email and password in VetlinkPRO in the space provided. If possible, assist them to install the App by scanning the QR code or visiting the Apple or Google Play store. Once the client has the App and has logged in once, not only does it become easy for them to connect to your Practice but when appointments come in, all client and patient information is fully matched to your database - i.e. no data entry required!

Recommended Strategy

- If you would like us to design & print DLE brochures for you, please email us at to request a quote

- Alternatively, you can use this predesignated template and print the brochures yourself. 



Without letting too much out of the bag.....we expect to bring some BI (Business Intelligence) type features to Online Booking as well as some smart one-on-one notification systems, and more!

* This is an Add-On feature
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