One of the most important reasons that clinics purchase this software is to be able to produce smart reports and have information on KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

There is a very large suite of reports that is, in fact, too large to mention here. Every report also has a range of options within it to produce very specific information. Reports, amongst many other things cover:

Staff Performance Reports:

  • Number of clients seen with new and regular breakdowns
  • Total dollars earned with services and retail breakdown
  • Total dollars earned with new and regular client breakdowns
  • Dollar per client averages with new and regular breakdowns
  • Rebooking statistics per staff member
  • Request statistics per staff member

Staff Sales Analysis:

  • Sales by Retail and Services
  • Sales by user-defined categories
  • Sales by each and every product/service
  • Diary Appointments for a Staff member

Product / Service Sales Analysis:

  • Product Category sales by dates
  • Product sales, cost, profit and margins
  • Product last sold date (identify fast and slow movers)
  • Product Stock Lists
  • Product Movement reports
  • Product Sales by Branch
  • Voucher Lists
  • Discount Lists

Client Analysis:

  • Top “N” clients by sales and profit
  • Top “N” clients by sales in retail, services, or both
  • Client Category sales analysis
  • Client lists based on several criteria
  • Client address labels on several criteria
  • Client Reminder Lists
  • Products Sold to Client
  • Client Retention statistics

Creditor Analysis:

  • Order / Invoice and Payment Lists
  • Purchase Analysis by Supplier/Category/Product/Date
  • Payments Due Reports
  • Product Purchase History
  • Creditor Payment List

Animal Analysis:

  • Animal Transaction
  • Animal Lists

And Many More!

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